Last updated on 29th August 2020.

This Returns Policy (“Policy”) will govern request to return any of the commodity, crop or other items (referred as “Product”) purchased by buyer (referred to as “Buyer”, you, your, etc.) from any third-party seller (“Seller”) using the Platform. For the purposes of this Policy, the term Buyer and Seller are collectively referred to as “User”.

  1. You understand that we are an intermediary platform and will only be responsible to mediate the return request raised by you with the Seller. It shall be sole responsibility of the Seller to resolve the issues/ concerns raised by you in your return request. We shall not assume any liability for any failure on the part of the Seller to resolve your issue.

  2. You may raise a return request/ or your concerns on the Platform with respect to any one of the following reasons:
    1. Product not matching the description mentioned on the listing page on the Platform;
    2. Issues related to the quality of the Product delivered.

  3. Any return request/ issues raised by you for any of the following reasons:
    1. Quantity differ from the entire order placed due to reasons attributable to logistics provider;
    2. Product damaged in transit; or
    3. Any other logistics related issues;
    will not be governed by this Policy and it will be the responsibility of your logistics partner to settle any of the above-mentioned concerns raised by you. You may contact your logistics service provider for resolving the above issues. It is hereby clarified that we shall not assume any responsibility for non- redressal of your issues by such logistics partner.

  4. Depending on the category of Product, you can raise a return request for any of the issues as set forth under point 2. above within the timelines prescribed below:
    • Food Grain : 2 days from the date of delivery of shipment
    • Vegetable : Not after accepting delivery of shipment
    • Fruit : Not after accepting delivery of shipment
    • Oil Seeds: 2 days from the date of delivery of shipment
    • Spices : 2 days from the date of delivery of shipment
    • Dry Fruits : 2 days from the date of delivery of shipment
    • Cash Crops : 7 days from the date of delivery of shipment
    • Pulses : 14 days from the date of delivery of shipment

  5. Your return request will either be approved or rejected and the same will be communicated to you.

  6. If your return request is approved, it shall be your sole responsibility to return the Product to the Krishi Kendra.

  7. In all cases of Seller approved returns, refund will be initiated to you. On all Seller approved returns, we undertake no guarantee as regards return of monies or timeline for such return.

  8. In exceptional cases such as fraud, deficiency in service, or any other circumstance which may affect the user experience on the platform, we may on good faith basis and in our sole discretion decide to pay the transaction amount for the disputed Product in the absence of Seller approval of such returns. The said payment of transaction amount shall be made to compensate for the inappropriate user experience.

  9. In such exceptional cases covered in para 9 above, payment will be initiated to you within forty-eight (48) banking hours:
    1. from the date of approval of the return request by us; or
    2. from the date you confirm the dispatch of the Product from your shop/ designated pick-up location; whichever is later.

  10. Upon receipt of shipment from the Buyer, Seller can raise a dispute with respect to the shipment within seventy-two (72) hours from receipt of the same, failing which it shall be deemed as accepted by the Seller without any damage or fault.

  11. The Seller’s claim/ dispute will either be approved or rejected and the same will be communicated to the Seller.

  12. Any capitalised terms used herein this Policy and not defined explicitly shall have the same meaning as defined in the Terms of Use.

  13. User agrees to be bound to any changes or modifications made to this Policy as may be updated on the Platform, from time to time or any additional terms that may be communicated to you, from time to time.